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Smooth Skin That Lasts For Weeks

Sugar. Water. Lemon juice. That’s the not-so-secret recipe.

Forget shaving or waxing- sugaring is 100% natural, 100% hygienic, and 100% water soluble, making it a quality option for all genders and all hair types.

Sugaring removes hair from the root, and results last three to six weeks. Continuing upkeep will ensure that the hair grows back thinner and softer, leading to a permanent reduction of hair growth. It does not stick to live skin cells, and there’s no risk of burning.

Girl master sugaring causes a thick sugar paste on the armpits of a young sexy man. Male bodybuilder lying on the couch in the Spa salon for hair removal procedure

Service Menu

Full leg & bikini line: $75
Full leg & full bikini: $100
Half Leg: $30
Bikini line: $25
LA (full bikini): $50
Full arms: $30
Underarms: $20
Full face: $40
Lip: $15
Neck: $15
Brow: $15
Chin: $15
Men’s back: starts at $40
Men’s chest: starts at $40